Thursday, February 4, 2010

Enough is Enough

So, Republican Senator Shelby of Alabama has placed a filibuster-like "blanket hold" on 70 of President Obama's nominees for Federal office just because he is in a snit over his own personal pork-barrel earmarked projects.

And, thank you Missouri Senator Kit Bond (R-MO) for finally relinquishing your "hold" over the nomination of Martha Johnson for the head of the General Services Administration.  When the vote was finally taken in the full Senate she was confirmed with a 99 - 0 vote.  It seems that Martha Johnson had to wait 9 months until Senator Bond got $175 million dollars for a federal building project in Kansas City, Missouri.

Enough is enough.  The United States Senate must reform itself.  And, the gutless Democratic Senators, enjoying the second largest majority in history (after once holding 60 seats), sit on their hands and do nothing.  It is time to end the filibuster once and for all.  I recommend the "nuclear option".  Just the threat of using it by the Republican Party was enough to bully the Democratic Party into submission.

Its past time for politics as usual.  Isn't anyone else tired of the games, lies, and political tricks?

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