Thursday, February 4, 2010

Gutless Wonders Part 2

And, if you think that I am upset with the lack of leadership in Lansing just ask the good folks at the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME).  They are not too happy with the proposals made by Speaker Dillon and Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop.

From the PR Newswire --- AFSCME Blast Dillon, Bishop, Granholm for Attemps to Force Cutbacks Without Bargaining

"AFSCME's Institutional Unit bargaining committee has been taking a very serious approach to negotiations with the State Employer," stated McNeil.  "We are determined to reach a fair and equitable contract package covering our members in the Institutional Unit, and we have made ourselves available for round-the-clock bargaining sessions.
"In return, State Government doubles and redoubles efforts to circumvent the collective bargaining process and stab us in the back, even as we are bargaining," continued McNeil.  "Speaker of the Michigan House Andy Dillon is promoting a proposed law which would effectively gut our health insurance and assure us increased costs and decreased coverage - while circumventing the bargaining table.
"Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop is boosting a proposed constitutional amendment which would require a five percent cut in wages and a 20 percent contribution to healthcare premiums for all public employees in the state - again circumventing the bargaining process," added McNeil.  "Governor Granholm is now urging modifications to the retirement plan to induce more of us to retire now, at the cost of tampering with the stability of the system and jeopardizing future retirement benefits - again, circumventing the bargaining table.
"We have come to the table in good faith, and we have addressed the State Employer's demands seriously and in good faith," concluded McNeil.  "Yet all of state government seems determined to ignore our rights and due process, and attempt to force additional concessions down our throats without even discussing these measures with us at the table.  This political posturing is unethical and should not be permitted to continue."

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