Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hand Selected

Our friends over at Michigan Liberal have this nifty box at the top of their website with the Latest Hand Selected Michigan Political News and Analysis Headlines.  Its a great resource for news and editorial opinions from newspapers around the State.  Today. I noticed this one from the Associated Press posted on "Information on Michigan Democratic Candidate Bernero".  And, it is funny how the thought occurred to me that it might be a good idea to get to know who the candidates really are behind the curtains.  I may want to spout off something.....

The first thing that I will say about Mayor Bernero's experience is that he has had a lot of it in government.  Age 45, and it looks like Virg Bernero is, hate to say it, a career politician.  It looks like Mayor Bernero didn't go into politics right after college like the former Republican Governor John Engler.  And, I have to admit that that fact alone pissed me off about Mr. Engler from the start.

Oh, CRAP!  I need to pay better attention!  Mr. Bernero didn't get elected to a political office right out of college like the union-bashing, teacher hating, never had a real job John.  Mr. Bernero did work for politicians until he got his string of political gigs.  Ingham County Commissioner, the Michigan State House, the Michigan State Senate, and now, Mr. Bernero is the Mayor of Lansing.  He hopes to be the next Governor of Michigan.

...... really.  Crap, crap, crap....... Let's look at his voting record.......

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