Saturday, February 13, 2010

Innovations in Politics

There is always something new.  I still remember when I saw my first phone-tree machine.  The PHEA had purchased it to use for mass telephone call announcements to the membership of the union.  The machine was handy during those heady years when teacher strikes were still legal in Michigan.  It never dawned on me until now that the same technology is behind the annoying robocalls that many politicians, political parties, and special interest groups use today.  The invention of the political robocall may be the lowest point in the use of intrusive technology for political purposes.

Of course, we have the mailer and the other paper fliers that are used door-to-door and at campaign events.  Most of them that I've seen are innocuous and ordinary.  Once, a truly grotesque anti-Democratic candidate mailer came to the house with dark photos and graphics attempting to link the candidate to terrorists.  The mailer came from the state party.  It was so hideous that the chairman of the local Republican party resigned.

Now, in the age of musical greeting cards and recorded greetings for cards and picture frames, we have the "Talking Mailpiece".  Personally, I like it.  Thankfully, or maybe regretfully, my mailbox here in Ajijic rarely sees any mail........

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