Friday, February 5, 2010

Making Michigan Look Bad

I have become a faithful reader of the blog Box Turtle Bulletin.  I began reading the blog shortly after I became aware of the impending Kill the Gays legislation currently being considered in Uganda.  The folks at Box Turtle Bulletin have been praised as having the best and most up to date information about the craziness in Uganda.

Today, I was not surprised to see an article about the Michigan "ministers" seeking to sue the U.S. Attorney General with the desire to put an end to the Matthew Shepard Act.  The headline was disturbing, as well it should be:

Michigan Christians sue because the Matthew Shepherd Act restricts their rights. They must want to violently attack gay people

A money quote:

We must assume that the Thomas More Law Center has read the law. And because the law has no effect on their rights to belief or expression of belief, the only logical conclusion is that these four Christians wish to plan for, conspire to commit, or commit an act of violence.

Or, perhaps, this is just another example of folks who think that because “homosexual acts, according to Scripture, are acts of grave depravity that are intrinsically disordered and are contrary to the natural law” then their religion trumps civil law.

Sometimes I can’t figure out if they are arrogant and opposed the basic principles of civil liberties and equality or if they really truly wish they were free to beat us in the streets.

Read the article here.

Read the actual lawsuit here.

I glanced over the text of the lawsuit last night.  It really is stupid.  I am not a lawyer, but it seems to be without merit and frivolous.  You see, quoting Bible admonishments as FACTS in the case seems downright dumb.  So much for integrity and intelligence at the Thomas More Law Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Yes.  I do think that those Christianists would love to beat us in the streets before imprisoning us for life.......

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