Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Michigan Republicans Must STFU

Michigan Republican lawmakers do not have the right to demand that current or retired public service employees give up salary or health care benefits to help save Michigan government.  The Republican obstructionists in Lansing have failed the citizens of Michigan.  They have failed to lead.

The Republican controlled Michigan Senate voted today to end the more than generous "health care benefits for life after 6 years of service" provision in their more than generous salary and benefits plan that they have given themselves.  The lifetime health care benefit is eliminated ONLY for those lawmakers elected in the future.  Both the Democratic "controlled" House and Senate failed to address the overly generous health care plans that they currently have and refused to consider making any personal sacrifices for the sake of the State of Michigan.

The Republicans in Michigan have claimed that all the cuts and so-called reforms in Michigan would bring in more businesses.............  They have been spouting this propaganda for over a decade and what have we seen as the result?  Where are those businesses and jobs?  Republican leaders have consistently bashed unionized labor over the years and have publicly stated that Michigan workers are overpaid.  And, even as Republican gubernatorial candidate Mike Cox calls for unionized state workers to take pay cuts in an act of "shared sacrifice", Michigan lawmakers, Republican and Democratic, fail to lead the effort to save, fix, reinvent, or improve the State of Michigan.

Put up or shut up, as the old saying goes.........The Dillon Democrats and Republican obstructionists should be ashamed of their hypocrisy and personal and political cowardice.

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