Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Move to Mexico

FEEDJIT is a fascinating little gadget that gives you an opportunity to keep track of who is visiting your website.  Gadgets from FEEDJIT allow you to see what is seen on this page (Live Traffic Feed) or a live traffic map or recommended reading or page popularity.  Recently, I have been noticing repeat visitors (folks following Fuhrwerk's folly) and I have been tracing how some visitors have found my site using searches with various search terms.  At least, if no one is commenting on my posts, I get some satisfaction watching the live traffic feed.  It is interesting to see how many pages of search results that I have to scan through before finding my blog referenced in some stranger's internet search.

"Move to Mexico" is one search phrase I've seen numerous times.  It seems that some folks are still interested in moving to Mexico to retire regardless of all the bad press given to the northern Mexican states where it may certainly be dangerous.  Here in the Lake Chapala region, things are relatively peaceful.  There is a large expat community here along the shores of Lake Chapala and in the big city of Guadalajara.  Snowbirds from Canada and the United States call the area home for 3 to 6 months a year.  Many retirees from the United States, Canada, and several countries in Europe enjoy one of the best climates in the world year-round.

My best advice to those Michigan teachers considering the retirement incentive being proposed by Democratic Governor Jennifer Granholm -- take it and move to Mexico.  Do you have a mortgage?  Sell the house, rent it, or walk away.  Do you have Credit Card debt and the only income that you'll have when you retire is your pension?  Learn about your rights to a garnishee-free pension check -- Move Your Money, then move to Mexico.  Tired of being tied down to a car that wastes gas and costs too much in insurance, vehicle licensing, and maintenance?  Sell it and Move to Mexico.  You can live in a friendly village within walking distance of everything you actually need.  And, when living in the villages or in the "exclusive" gated communities near and along the Lake you are always close to great public transportation.

Really folks, Michigan is an expensive place to live.  Moving to a place with great weather and the possibility of many wonderful retirement adventures is worth considering.  The costs of rent, food, and other household expenses are low.  Imagine actually saving some of your hard earned retirement income for more travel.  Imagine buying into the Mexican health insurance program for less than $300 per year and having all of your medicines and medical needs taken care of at no additional costs to you.  (Pre-existing conditions are not covered in the first two years.....)

What?  You can't imagine any of it?  Okay.  Come visit for the tequila and stay for the __________!

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