Monday, February 8, 2010


Of course, I'm not the only blogger from Michigan that cares about the state of the State.  I'm not the only "troublemaker" currently residing outside of Michigan.  And, I'm not the only one that sometimes makes over the top remarks and uses strong language.  I might be the only expat.  Nevertheless, the silly season has officially begun, the blogs are active, and Republican "dirty tricksters" have already taken aim and fired at various candidates for Michigan Governor.

I have already noted on this blog the Anti-Pete Hoekstra website and the early controversy about it.  Well, it seems that Attorney General Mike Cox, Rick Snyder, and Sheriff Mike Bouchard have opposition websites dedicated to defeating their primary bids.  Mike Cox has also had the happy privilege of having an Anti-Cox "Christmas" postcard sent out to remind voters of his admitted affair by the same gentleman that created an anti-Cox website.  (What? Another Republican adulterer seeking higher office......)  The anti-Bouchard website, Oakland Sheriff, though sort of slick looking, doesn't impress me that much, so far.  My congratulations to the activists seeking to make a difference.

Another "dirty trick" that has taken place are the robocalls by the folks behind the website attacking Rick Michigan Snyder.  The robocalls had this message:


I’m calling to inform you about gubernatorial candidate Rick Snyder. As a former board member and CEO of Gateway Computers, Rick Snyder shipped thousands of American jobs overseas, putting his American employees out of work. Rick Snyder is being sued by his former Gateway customers for selling them extended service warranties on their computers and then transferring those warranties to an insolvent company. Those customers, many of whom are struggling college students, now can’t fix their computers while Rick Snyder made millions from these deals.
To learn more about Rick Snyder’s profiting from lost American jobs and worthless extended computer warranties, please visit That is
Thank you.

The silly season has begun and I'm just glad it didn't start as early as the last gubernatorial campaign season.  The barrage of ads by the failed Republican candidate were tiresome.

H/T to the Michigan Messenger "GOP attack wars heat up".

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