Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Republicans Afraid to Say the Name of the Party

The mainstream media did very little in the last Congressional elections to point out the newest phenomena in Republican Party politics.  Don't talk about being a Republican.  Yes.  The Republican brand is not what it used to be.

Back home in Michigan, the 7th Congressional District has at least one Republican challenger to the seat being held currently by Democratic Congressman Mark SchauerTim Walberg, who lost his 7th District seat in 2008 to Mark Schauer, is clearly recognized as a Republican and is in the running for the Republican nomination to be the Republican candidate in this year's Congressional Election.  Facing Tim Walberg in the GOP primary are Marvin Carlson and Brian Rooney.

Brian Rooney is a newcomer to Michigan politics and especially to Michigan's 7th Congressional District.  He has only lived in Michigan since 2007 and in the MI-07th a very short time.  Mr. Rooney has been characterized by Tim Walberg as being a carpetbagger.

"...Walberg questioned if Rooney runs whether he can win over voters if he’s just moved into their district.

“He is going to have to move in as a carpet bagger,” Walberg said. “Unless you are a Kennedy or a Clinton, you don’t do well as a carpet bagger.”

And, it seems that both Marvin Carlson and Brian Rooney welcome the support of the crazy folks, a.k.a. teabaggers, that make up the tea party movement in Michigan.  They are running against "career politicians".

"Carlson and Rooney said the timing is right for non-career politicians to enter the race. They hope to cash in on the tea party movement which had a theme of voting out incumbents, and at some of the rallies it was to get rid of sitting politicians for both parties.

“I’m not a politician,” Rooney said. “I believe that is a positive. Me and people like me aren’t looking for a politician to get another job and keep doing what they’ve been doing.”

Said Carlson: “The career politician is not an asset in this race. It’s a ‘kick the bums out’ mentality going on.”

Both Carlson and Rooney say they have the ability to raise millions of dollars. As much as $6 million could be spent by both candidates in the general election. Experts estimated a total of $11 million was spent by both sides in the 2008 general election, including money spent by political action committees.

But name recognition is still an issue with both Carlson and Rooney."

It also seems that Brian Rooney is avoiding calling himself a Republican on his very own congressional campaign website.  It took me a few minutes to find the very few references to Mr. Rooney's claim on the Republican Party in Michigan.  That-a-boy, Brian.  Maybe, just maybe, the good folks in the 7th District will overlook your obvious omission.  After all, its all about character -- honesty and integrity -- not political party.  Right?

Riiiiight.  Really.

H/T to Michigan Liberal.

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