Monday, February 8, 2010

Rick Who?

I had read that Republican Rick Snyder had purchased a Super Bowl ad to gain some more name recognition.  Having watched it I noticed that nowhere in the ad is there a mention that Mr. Michigan Snyder is a Republican. Yes, he is a man running to be Michigan Governor.  And, it seems I'll have to search the Republican primary candidate's website to see if I can find any references to his Republican Party affiliation.  What's up with that?

I took the time to look over the allegedly detailed "white paper" on reinventing Michigan and I especially focused on the education section.  Rick Snyder's Super Bowl advertisement spokesman says:

"His 10 point plan to reinvent Michigan is so detailed that, well, it's likely no politician could even understand it."

Bullshit.  His paper has talking point after talking point with very very few details --- more nonsense.... more politics as usual, despite Mr. Snyder's claims.  His fellow politicians would surely understand it, they say very little as well.

The ad:


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