Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sarah Palin and Mrs. Miller

Just like Candice Miller (R-MI), Representative from Michigan's 10th Congressional District, the former half-term Alaskan Republican Governor, Sarah Palin, does not believe in the American Justice System.  A number of right-wing Republicans have disagreed with the lawful decision to arrest and take to trial the Christmas Day Undie Bomber in a Federal Court.  The rule of law was followed on Christmas Day, as it was with the "Shoe Bomber" and 300 other terrorism trials in the United States under the watchful eyes of President George W. Bush.  So, what changed dears, Sarah and Candy?  Oh, yes.  The election of President Barak Obama.......

From Fox Noise Sunday with Sarah Palin:

Palin also used her platform to continue a call for the president to rid himself of his closest advisers. On Attorney General Eric Holder, she labeled his handling of captured terrorists -- "allowing them our U.S. constitutional protections when they do not deserve them" -- a firing offense.

Really.  Who decides the worthiness of any individual to be afforded human rights and legal protections and rights?  You?  Your Pastor?

Thank the Founders, we have a Constitution and are subject to the laws of our Republic.  We can't willy nilly abandon our American Values because we are afraid trying to score political points.

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