Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What I Once Said

Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas is working on a new book entitled American Taliban. As a part of his research Kos commissioned a comprehensive research poll of self-identified Republicans. The results are startling to say the least.....

From Markos:

Ultimately, these results explain why it is impossible for elected Republicans to work with Democrats to improve our country. Their base are conspiracy mongers who don't believe Obama was born in the United States, that he is the second coming of Lenin, and that he is racist against white people. They already want to impeach him despite the glaringly obvious lack of high crimes or misdemeanors. If any Republican strays and decides to do the right thing and try to work in a bipartisan fashion, they suffer primaries and attacks. Even the Maine twins have quit cooperating out of fear of their homegrown teabaggers.

Given what their base demands, and this poll illustrates them perfectly, it's no wonder the GOP is the party of no.

You may view the results of the polling here.

This really is important stuff. I'm a bit concerned for my country and its future if the general public doesn't wake up and reject the American Taliban.

Update: An Afterthought......... from the poll results

One last question:

Do you believe that the only way for an individual to go to heaven is though Jesus Christ, or can one make it to heaven through another faith?

Christ 67
Other 15
Not Sure 18

Two-thirds of Republicans assume anyone that is not a Christian is going to hell. It certainly makes it easier for them to dehumanize their enemies, either real or perceived.

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