Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dishonest Editorial

The Detroit News Editorial Board needs some old blood.  I say old blood because apparently the young whippersnappers that are on the current board do not have the institutional knowledge required to make an honest assessment of the United States Senate's reconciliation process.  The editorial headline "Democrats Shouldn't Bend Rules to Pass Health Care" is misleading, if not, a lie.  It seems that the Detroit News has joined the many FOX News program hosts that have erroneously described the Senate's reconciliation process that is used to pass bills with a majority vote as rare and as some sort of "nuclear option".  It is neither.

I recommend that the good folks at the Detroit News stop carrying water for the Republican Party and actually report news in a fair and balanced manner.  Editorials are fine when the Detroit News decides to express an opinion, but the Detroit News is not entitled to its own set of facts.  Reconciliation has been used to pass many health care related bills in the past, including the expansion of medicare prescription benefits, COBRA, and SCHIP.  President Bush and the Republican controlled Congress used reconciliation to pass both of the huge tax cuts for the rich.  Do your homework.

The RULES will not be bent if and when reconciliation is used to pass health care reform.


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