Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hello, Patrick!

I was reminded today, as I clumsily skimmed through my blogs and news sources, that I once rejected the idea of having With Malice Toward None ---- by Lee Harris become a "bipolar blog".  Yes, I once promoted a bipolar web ring and wrote many posts about bipolar disorder.  Yet, I maintained an eclectic assortment of post topics.  In fact, I probably tend to be more political than health awareness advocate.

Three things made me think about bipolar disorder today.  First, we had the news report about Representative Patrick J. Kennedy (D-RI).  He "went off on" the mainstream media on the floor of the House.  Mr. Kennedy is bipolar.  Second, I noticed that a favorite blog lists this blog as a bipolar blog.  That's okay.  Really.  And, third, this morning and most of the mornings this month I am reminded that I was demonstrably hypomanic during the first two weeks of February.  I created a large number of posts.  I was on fire.  Today, I'm only smoldering.

What happened?  This time I know.  Our doctor gave me some freebies of an anti-seizure medicine used by doctors as a mood-stabilizer for bipolar disorder patients.  It is a valproic acid based drug similar to Criam and the generic valproato de magnesio that I currently use.  Before coming to México I was prescribed Lamictal.  Lamictal is another anti-seizure drug that is used in the place of lithium -- the best known mood-stabilizer.  Valproic acid is much cheaper than Lamictal.  Anyway, I swapped out the free sample of Epival ER for my usual doses of the generic valproato de magnesio.  And, WOW!

Messing about with one's brain chemistry is not something anyone should ever do.  For those of us with bipolar disorder, maintaining the "right" brain chemistry is a daily chore.  Recognizing changes and appropriately responding is a talent not learned by many.  Now, add a wonky thyroid, capable of really fracking with one's brain chemistry and the difficulties increase.  Enough of the experiment.  I'm back on my usual doses of medications.  And, to tell the truth, I wish I were a little more hypomanic.........

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