Monday, March 22, 2010

Miller Voted NO

Michigan's 10th Congressional District will not miss out on the improvements in their lives and health because of Representative Candice Miller's NO vote.  Fortunately, the Democratic Party has the courage to tackle the problems faced by everyday Americans.  These are some of the benefits that the Health Care Reform law will bring to Michigan's 10th Congressional District:

  • Improve coverage for 501,000 residents with health insurance.
  • Give tax credits and other assistance to up to 160,000 families and 13,700 small businesses to help them afford coverage.
  • Improve Medicare for 111,000 beneficiaries, including closing the donut hole.
  • Extend coverage to 27,000 uninsured residents.
  • Guarantee that 9,000 residents with pre-existing conditions can obtain coverage.
  • Protect 2,200 families from bankruptcy due to unaffordable health care costs.
  • Allow 50,000 young adults to obtain coverage on their parents’ insurance plans.
  • Provide millions of dollars in new funding for 3 community health centers.
  • Reduce the cost of uncompensated care for hospitals and other health care providers by $39 million annually

The good folks back home need to remember in November that Candice Miller (R-Harrison Township) does not have the interests of her constituents at heart.  She is a partisan Republican that ignores the needs of the poor and the sick.

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