Tuesday, March 30, 2010

On the Roads Again

The state that gave the nation the mass production genius of Henry Ford and the automobiles' numerous "Motors" companies has the second worst roads in the country.  According to a survey in the magazine Overdrive, Michigan ranks one spot behind Pennsylvania for the dubious honor of being second with the nation's worst roads.  Big surprise.  The level of commitment of the lawmakers in Lansing to improve Michigan's failing roads and infrastructure is as about as high as their commitment to lead Michiganders with their own personal sacrifice of legislators' wages and benefits.  For the good of Michigan --- they do nothing.  Michigan will fail to qualify for greater federal financial assistance for road repair and other improvement projects because Michigan lawmakers have failed the people of Michigan.

The Detroit News has a report, as well as, the Detroit Free Press.

Nearly three years ago, we made the trip from Port Huron to Ajijic, México by minivan.  The worst roads?  Yep.  They were in Michigan.  With the exception of a small stretch of road in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosí, even the roads in México were better than those in Michigan.

And, just like with public education, it is simply idiotic to think that you can improve or maintain the best without spending some money.  Lawmakers cannot "cut" their way to better roads and students........

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