Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What's Good for the Goose

Imagine bargaining away wages and benefits when your employer forces you to and then having the same employer come back to you later demanding the wages you bargained be given up.  Imagine the problem with trust that is compounded by these actions.  How does one bargain in good faith with or believe in the words and actions of such an employer?  Meet the State of Michigan.  Promise maker and promise breaker.

Now, imagine the mindset of a Michigan legislator that claims it would be a terrible violation of trust to have promised folks wages and benefits and then expect them to give them up when the State of Michigan is in dire need.  Sadly, this view only applies to her and the other partisan lawmakers in Lansing that she serves with -- screw the other folks in Michigan.  So, the lawmakers in Lansing are willing to demand sacrifices from everyone but themselves.  Afterall,
"cutting off benefits for current lawmakers would be unfair.
"There were those who were elected that came into the system with the expectation of this being part of their total compensation," (Senator) Cassis (R-Novi) said. "This very clearly states what the expectations are (and) they know coming into this what their overall total compensation would be."
Tough cheese, eh?

The latest move by Lansing lawmakers was to attempt to legislate away the wage increase that had been bargained in good faith with 35,000 state employees.  Republican lawmakers insisted that state employees and their families give back more, even after having bargained away what they have earned.  It failed.  In a partisan action, members of Michigan's Senate failed to achieve the 2/3 majority vote needed to violate void the contract negotiated with state employees.

Unrepentant hypocrisy reigns in Lansing.  It seems that reelection and the maintenance of political power is the only thing that many lawmakers in Lansing care about.  Michigan is in real trouble.  And, the folks in Lansing have forgotten what it means to be a leader.

Watch this clip.  Senator Whitmer calls out the Senate for their stupid actions.  It is informative.  (Hat tip:  Blogging For Michigan)

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