Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's A Snarky Job, But Somebody's Gotta Do It

The good folk over at Joe.My.God. sponsor a regular blog feature called "This Week in Holy Crime".  The evil doings of the men and women "of God" are exposed, in a manner of speaking.  It is never fun to read.  The victims deserve our concern and good thoughts.  The rapists and thieves and those that shield them from justice here on earth deserve...... less.

This week's "winner" is from Germany:

Father Ernst W. charged with multiple counts of molesting boys. The Diocese of Erfurt admits that although they knew of the accusations, they continued to allow the priest to work at a male juvenile detention facility but never told authorities about the allegations. The diocese says it accepts responsibility for the "incorrect decision."

I'm sorry -- but somebody from the Diocese of Erfurt needs to join that priest in prison.  Failing to report a crime against children -- the RAPE of children -- should be a felony and punished severely.  The person or persons responsible for the so-called "incorrect decision" should be booted out of the Church and their jobs, at the least, and at most serve some time behind bars.

And, please, could we change the conversation about the various churches and church leaders at fault for protecting priests and ministers from civil and criminal prosecutions?  The Pope, the hierarchy of various churches, and other conspirators are guilty of covering-up the RAPE of girls and boys.  The fact that many of the rapists were SERIAL RAPISTS should give us all pause as we contemplate the fate of the so-called Christian and Catholic churches and their leaders.  Here is where we need a little intervention from the State -- for all you who yearn for a country that doesn't believe in the separation of Church and State, pay attention --  it should be a very serious crime to not report the RAPE of a child.  Screw anyone's belief in the sanctity of the confessional or the alleged privilege of a minister not to break a ministerial confidence --  the men and women that RAPE children must be reported to the State's authorities.  And, who gives a rat's rear end what the press and others want to label the criminal offenders -- they are RAPISTS and that is all that anyone needs to know about their sexuality or gender.  End of Sermon.

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