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Just Sayin'

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What He Said

I saw the interview from the Rachel Maddow Show and thought the same things as this guy.  He says it well.  (Hat tip:  The Maddow Blog)

Atlas Ducked: Rand Paul & The Crouching Weasel Technique

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A Blast From The Past

Just for fun....... I don't remember the commercial but I do remember Mom making this for dinner almost every week.

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La Choy dragon

Mike Cox: Your Prejudice Is Showing!

Some people, especially some politicians, should not use social networking sites to expose their prejudices to the world.  How is one to interpret this Tweet by Michigan Attorney General Cox?  Has he prejudged the case of the killing of an innocent little girl by police?  Is he a racial bigot?  Why is he disgusted?

Read more here.

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Have a Tissue Ready.....

This story is incredible and .......  Remember Christian the Lion?  Hat tip:  Towleroad

Damian Aspinall's Extraordinary Gorilla Encounter on Gorilla School

George Rekers Is Completely Heterosexual

LMAO -- Hat tip:  Dan Savage

"George Rekers Is Completely Heterosexual" by Roy Zimmerman

Lies and Dirty Tricks? Not This Time!

Watch as the Chicken Lady is plucked and gutted...... (Hat tip:  Daily Kos)

Sue Lowden's TV Ad Responding to BarterGate: "Malarkey"

Tell Delta Airlines to PLEASE FIND Paco!

We have encouraged other animal lovers to adopt Mexican mutts and cats many times over the last 3 years.  When we have volunteered to pet pussies, we have met numerous Canada and United States bound tourists, snowbirds, and retirees scouting out potential plots in Paradise.  All have been encouraged to choose companion cats and dogs from Anita's Animals or the other local animal rescue shelter.  And, we live by example -- as all 8 of our cats came from Anita's.

Recently, an animal loving couple from Canada adopted a dog from the Mexican resort town where they had been visiting.  The couple attempted to fly Paco back to Ontario, Canada via Mexico City and Detroit, Michigan.  He is now lost.

The story is still unfolding.....

Allen, of Seaforth, Ontario, says he flew from Detroit Metro Airport to Atlanta for a connecting flight to Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. While in Mexico, he and his girlfriend adopted a stray dog named Paco.

"We took him to the vet's, got him all of his shots, an eye infection treated, two baths to clean him from hundreds of dog ticks that were covering his whole body, and gave him the name Paco. After this treatment at the vet clinic, we had to spend multiple additional hours picking more ticks from his body. We soon discovered that this dog was a very lucky find, and that it would be loyal and friendly to my girlfriend and I," Allen says.

But Allen says the airline-approved carrier he bought for Paco turned out not to be big enough, and was asked to sign a waiver relieving Delta of any responsibility if the dog was injured. After arriving back in Detroit, the couple discovered that Paco was not on board.

"We were told that it was never loaded on the plane in the first place, and that it was forgotten in Mexico City but would be cared for by Delta employees and walked, fed, watered, and would be sent on the next flight to Detroit, and then get delivered to my house in Ontario, Canada," Allen says.

That was a lie, Allen says. He was then told that Paco had escaped from his carrier, and that Delta offered him $200 as a reimbursement -- "completely absurd," he said.

Tell Delta Airlines to Please Find Paco! --- an ONLINE petition.  Good Luck, Paco!

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Don't Get Caught in a Bad Hotel

Hat tip:  AMERICAblog Gay

Don't Get Caught in a Bad Hotel

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Listen Up: Ensign, Craig, Vitter, Rekers, Haggard, AND.....

"...Being gay cannot be cured.  Being a contemptible pathetic hypocrite can be cured. Come out, come out, wherever you are." --  Rachel Maddow

Must See TV:

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Lady Gaga Is No Mere SuperStar

She is a force.

You gotta believe that these kids had a great time working on this ballet piece.  Lady Gaga's music makes you want to dance...... and dance we must.

Lady GAGA - The Ballet (Music Bad Romance Starsmith Remix)

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Who Knew That The Bassoon Could Be So Kewl?

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The Breaking Winds in Lady Gaga Saga


On our first visit to Europe I briefly had trouble with understanding what passes for a urinal in bars and restaurants.  Most of the time, one is presented with a mere wall and simple trough.  Really.  I might have pissed in pampering porcelain in perpetuity if we hadn't traveled outside of the United States and Canada.  Watch another uniformed American.......... (Hat tip: SLOG)

In that old-convent-now-restaurant in Guadalajara, we finally settled on that fountain set in the niche ......

Headline of the Day

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