Monday, August 30, 2010

Quick Hit

I like the election theme that Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Virg Bernero enunciated in a recent speech -- "Main Street Not Wall Street".

Candice Miller (R-MI) seems to be a Wall Street supporter.  She has failed to bring home extra Federal monies to her constituents' Main Streets -- by choice.  She took a pledge to no longer work to increase Federal spending in Michigan's 10th Congressional District.  She voted against reforming Wall Street at the peril of Main Street.  And, she voted against the health care affordability act in support of the insurance companies.  Wall Street profits trump the needs of mom, dad, and the kids on Main Street.

She voted against extending unemployment benefits that rescues families and puts money into the local economy.  No help for Main Street.

She voted against modernizing our air traffic control systems.  Remember that when you next fly.

She voted against eliminating the tax breaks for companies that ship American jobs overseas.  Jobs.  Really, Candy?

She voted against flood insurance reform.  What was that about?  Doesn't she care about the homes on Main Street?

Please -- Just who does Candice Miller work for?  Wall Street?  Or the people of Michigan in general and the folks in the 10th Congressional district in particular?

It seems Candy has clearly demonstrated her contempt for Michigan families.

The voting record of Candice Miller (R-MI) may be found here.

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