Sunday, September 12, 2010


To understand a little bit more about me -- a story.  Once upon a free ticket for being bumped off a flight from a convention and 21 years ago, I traveled to México.  Alone.  One day, I decided to snorkel in a National Park.  It was my first time.  And, the first time a school of awe inspiring exotic fish came swimming by me, I screamed.  Underwater.  Not from fear, mind you, I was praising a Creator for that wonder, those tiny swimming miracles.  True story.

For the last three years, the townsfolk have watched two youngish retired Americans walking the streets -- living among them.  And, from time-to-time one or the other of us, or both, would whip out our cameras and photograph something that struck our fancy.  Yes, for three years, we both "religiously" carried a camera.  And, occasionally, we even had a spare set of AA batteries.

Living in México is a dream come true.  And, each and every day I nearly have to pinch myself to be convinced that I actually live here.  It's real.  And, it is beautiful beyond words.  Really.  Hence, the camera and an occasional muttering of gratitude and wonder.

-----------  The first photograph was taken with Billy's Nikon CoolPix lenses wide open.  The shrine on Loma Ancha in just visible above the stone column on the left --- just right of center.  The second shot is full mechanical and digital zoom.  The shrine is centered.

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