Friday, January 21, 2011

The Perfection of a Withered Rose

Many years ago, I read a book that offered one person's glimpse of what he considered to be a possible "end times" scenario. One particular scene in the story has an angelic figure walking in a garden with the book's main character. The "angel" points to a rosebush with both fully blooming roses and ones that were withering and asks his companion to tell him which of the blooms are "perfect". Of course, we know that only the blooming roses were considered to be perfect and so the angel was obligated to teach a lesson about God. The withered roses were perfect, as well. They were created by God to do just as they were doing -- living, growing, and dying. Each is perfect. Each is living out the existence that The Creator provided. The withered roses are no more and no less perfect than the buds and blooms.

Each of us is perfect. Sadly, not all Christianists will agree.

Christians claim to be created in God's image and we equally claim to be His children -- all of us. The Scriptures proclaim that we are all His sons and daughters. So, would someone please explain how Christians can hate gays, Muslims, blacks, and anyone else that is not "them" and different?  It seems that some scriptures have always been "open" to interpretation, yet too many of the pleadings of Christ are being ignored by the so-called culture warriors in the Republican Party. Many Republicans just don't want us (the taxpayers) paying for the health care of the poor. Many Republicans just don't want to help the poor, the elderly, the sick, the dying, and the mentally ill.

It seems something other than charity and goodness has replaced the focus of all those alleged Christians in the Republican Party.

The following video is NSFW.

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