Sunday, January 23, 2011

Photo of the Day

This is a snippet of a photograph that I took this morning after breakfast at David's Cafe.These musicians were serenading the patrons of another popular eatery on the town square. A simple zoom in and cut with Microsoft Paint and a fairly fuzzy but interesting photograph shows a family, plus one friend, sharing their talents with a somewhat captive audience.Tipping is not required but certainly appreciated by the starving and well fed artists in Ajijic..

This is a common sight here in my little town, as are also the shoeshine men, basket sellers, confetti filled egg sales ladies and food vendors in and around the square and, there are all the extremely talented craftsmen selling numerous original and handmade treasures along the Paseo, a small "alley" connecting the square with a neighboring street. I'm not particularly fond of most street musicians, however these guys were fairly good. And, I listened to this group from a bench behind them on the square. Actually, everyone on the square seemed to stop to listen. It is rare to see so many stringed instruments in a family band and, the fact that they were good made it hard not to take time to appreciate the music.

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