Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dear Michigan

You blew it!  Snyder is not a centrist and moderate Republican.  He is a corporate shill.  He hates unions and Michigan workers.  The bullshit that tax breaks for businesses creates more jobs has been disproved.  It didn't happen when Engler did it.  It hasn't happened anywhere -- ever!

The GOP lies.  They have lied to the Michigan people for decades.  And, still Michiganders continue to vote against their own interests by putting these corporation bought clowns into positions of power.  Yep.  Welcome to Michigan where the politicians are bought and paid for by Amway and outsiders.

Why is Snyder giving away almost two billion dollars to businesses in Michigan while cutting the funds needed to educate Michigan's children?  Why is he giving away all that tax revenue to the rich while asking the poorest to sacrifice?  None of his proposals call for "shared sacrifice"!  Tell me.  What are the rich sacrificing to save Michigan?

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