Tuesday, March 29, 2011

No Jobs for Michigan This Year Says Governor Snyder

Look carefully at what the Governor says and does.  Right now, he is all about busting unions, negating local elections, and taking money from the poor and retirees to give to Michigan businesses.  He repeats the old LIE that lower taxes on corporations and small businesses will bring more jobs into the State of Michigan.  Tried and failed, Folks.  First Engler, then President Bush gave away money to the rich.  Jobs left Michigan and not enough jobs were created each month of Bush's presidency to fill the demand.......

The Big Republican LIE is still being repeated in Michigan and Washington, D.C.

And, now, amidst the current controversy about emergency financial managers, cuts in education funding, cuts in the services needed by Michigan's deaf community, and more cuts and on and on................  Snyder says, "Next year, my main issue is, let’s start the job creation process."


RECALL Snyder before next year!!!!

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