Saturday, March 26, 2011

Vicki Barnes: Homophobic Bigot

The more things change the more they stay the same.  Even as the United States moves toward acceptance of all persons, acceptance of same-sex relationships, and now supporting a courageous U.N. statement on the human rights of LGBT people -- the bigots remain in positions of power.  The most absurd things come out of their mouths.  Lies.  And, more lies.

And, one of the biggest liars in Tennessee is the executive director of the Sweetwater Housing Authority. Vicki Barnes sent a rather asinine and vicious piece of fiction to the Department of Housing and Urban Development in response to HUD's proposed rules banning discrimination against LGBT folks.  She compares us to murderers, cult members, drug dealers, and prostitutes.  She seems convinced that LGBT clients in public housing would create more crime.  Who knows what she bases this claim on?

Read her letter here.

Thanks to Joe at Joe.My.God. for providing the letter online and alerting the world to this ignorant individual and the harm she probably causes folks in Tennessee with her bigoted views and actions.

Fire her.

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