Thursday, April 28, 2011

In My Humble Opinion

If you are a Birther, you are a racist.

If you are a Birther and just saw the long form birth certificate that the President published AND you got upset that President Obama'a father's race was listed as "African" instead of Negro, you are a freaking racist.

If you are a Birther and now demand to see the President's grade school, high school, and university transcripts, you are a fool and a racist.

If you claim the President is illegitimate in any manner for any reason, YOU ARE A FUCKING KNUCKLE DRAGGING RACIST.

..... in my humble opinion.

And, I have no use for your "friendship", prayers, and alleged Christianist good thoughts. You are a lying liar and unrepentant hypocrite.

P.S.  Birthers are violating God's commandment about bearing false witness ............... yep, even with overwhelming evidence that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii and that by blood --- his mother's -- Barack Obama is, in fact, automatically a citizen of the United States of America the Birthers continue to spread the birther lies and nonsense and they continue to dishonor God and the alleged covenant that they claim to have with Him.

Did you flunk that part of high school U.S. Government classes? Were you absent that semester? How about Sunday School?

Birthers: What racist morons they all are............


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