Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Journey

The music posted during the past 8 months has had some great significance to me. I have a story about each one shared. Some have helped me through the healing process. Well, maybe all of them. One influenced how we said goodbye to our Billy on Loma Ancha. One truly demonstrated one of the stages of grief. Bargaining. Well, really two. Nearly forgot about Rammstein. And, I have shed a lot of tears. "Bled every day".

The lyrics from Cassidy Haley's Little Boys and Dinosaurs tells bits and pieces of my life. The imagery used in the video thoroughly compliments or really illustrates some real parts of my life. Really. Childhood trauma is what sent my innocence away or as the song suggests -- crippled my manhood -- kept me from being more complete. Held me back. I've not written about the day Mom locked everyone out of the house...... I am still horrified by the image of those knives jammed between the doors and their jambs. Grandma stayed with us while she was away.

And, in the end of the song...... Four years ago I came to a new place. I am far away from that scared little boy.

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