Sunday, April 24, 2011

Rick Snyder's Michigan

Government is the contract that the people have with themselves. It is a pact of mutual protection and care. We, the people of Benton Harbor, of Port Huron, of the Port Huron Area School District, or of the State of Michigan, have charters, governing rules, laws, and constitutions that pledge to defend and protect, and provide for the general welfare of our people -- us. We make rules and laws to govern ourselves. We elect our friends and neighbors to political offices to carry out the work of the people and to represent their respective constituents on our boards, commissions, and legislative bodies when making laws or spending OUR money.

We, the people, employ other people. We have promised each other that our food will be safe so we have employed folks to check our food. We do not want to fret about shrimp or lettuce or baby formula. And, through our government agents we are working to have clean air and safe drinking water.  We take care of our parks, buildings, and roads. We employ police and firefighters to serve the public.

We the people provide whatever OUR governmental boards or OUR governmental geographical or political wards or districts or townships need to provide first-class services for the citizens. We tax ourselves to pay for all those things that we deem important. Usually.

Public Education is a part of the compact that we have made with ourselves. We promise to provide every child a world-class education in a public school using the public funds that we gather. We promise to give our kids every opportunity to learn and grow to be good citizens. Except, of course, when we, the Republicans, are in charge. Michigan Republicans hate public education to the detriment of Michigan.

In Michigan, with every decision to cut education monies, shift education monies, or give away OUR education funds so the rich may have tax cuts, the elected representatives of the people are irrevocably harming our children. Every decision that the Republicans are making right now seem to be for the purpose of paying back campaign donors and kissing the butts of the very rich in Michigan and of the butts of corporate stockholders and the Wall Street Gamblers outside of Michigan.

The State of Michigan has a contract with the people of Michigan. Why are The People allowing the Republican Party of Michigan and Governor Snyder to break that contract? Why did Michiganders trust these people in the last election? What are they going to do now?

The poor, the disabled, our seniors, public workers, unions, and our children are under attack. The Republicans seem hellbent on destroying the Michigan Way of Life. They are drastically changing the living and working conditions in Michigan.

For the money and the power that comes with it...............

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