Tuesday, April 12, 2011

We Are All F#@ked

The GOP plans are beginning to reveal themselves.

Rachel Maddow, I believe, seems to think that many of the efforts to cripple Democratic Party "causes" (ACORN, Planned Parenthood), to knee-cap Democratic Party supporting unions (Oh, Michigan and our friends in Wisconsin), and, once again, to disappear Democratic leaning voters by voter suppression techniques like requiring photo-I.D. to vote or by maliciously telling voters that photo-I.D. will be needed on election day -- in States that do not require I.D. to Vote. (Michigan did not have a photo-I.D. law when I last voted some 4 years ago. It also didn't hurt that one of the poll workers had been someone I delivered papers to for many years and she watched me come and do my democratic duty for a long period of my adult life).


It's all about beating the Democratic Party. POWER. A one-party ruled government cannot work in America. They don't care. The GOP wants to find out how it will be in real-time. Lord, I hate it when they experiment (Iraq).


Tonight, I am reading an article that says that the Republican Party is using the Budget and budget cutting squabbles AND now the Debt Ceiling (Hey,Retiree - get your ass to México) to, ...wait for it, deliberately sink the American Economy.  The goal is to reduce American Worker Wages by 20% in one fell swoop.  It's called the "Shock Doctrine". They are playing games with our livelihoods and our personal health and welfare.

And, of course the cuts will hit the elderly ( GO MICHIGAN 67'ers!!! Huzzah.) and the poor disproportionately. The bullshit with Family Planning wasn't about abortion ( 3% of total services ) the actual bill called for ENDING ALL THE MONEY USED FOR WOMEN"S HEALTH everywhere. That would be a blow to the working poor (sliding payment scale - you/I pay something), the middle-class, the anonymous person (teen) seeking/needing contraception and possible treatment for STD's, and anyone eligible for health services and seeking help.

Yep, Betsy DE VILLE is getting her way in a hurry. Sigh.

American workers. the working-poor, seniors, and the very poor will be cut -- but not one damn bit of the military - oh, of course, they want everybody shifting their retirement funds in good old reliable Wall Street. And, we just may go into a freaking real depression when the Republicans in Congress have their hissy fit about the National Debt and The Deficits - like some religious fetish they want to kill Medicare and Social Security. Shift wealth.

Democrats will suffer the loss of income and the ability to fight the very rich corporations. Thanks, Supreme Court. If Corporations are People -- tell me -- who went to jail for killing 11 workers on a rig that used a blow-out preventer that the oil industry (and, now, Congress) knows doesn't work.

The Corporations have decided that it is cheaper to pay for oil spill clean-up, cheaper to pay fines and cheaper to settle lawsuits, including those for wrongful death.  Cheaper than spending the money to build a blow-out preventer that actually prevents blow-outs. You kidding? Cut into their enormous profits?

Money and Power.

And, PAY ATTENTION HERE, please ----- they are going to make drastic cuts WHILE giving tax cuts to the rich and the dopes that buy their wile.

WTF. Really?

Now, let's pray the Democratic Party wakes up and somehow mitigates this disaster in the making.

As, if.


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