Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Right-Wing Social Engineering

See Governor Rick Snyder: Tax breaks for the wealthy of nearly $2 Billion created a deficit in the Michigan budget that the Republican Party decided would be filled by making cuts to programs for the disabled, increases in taxes for the retired, eliminating tax credits for the working poor, and MORE, while simultaneously shifting K-12 education money to higher education and other purposes hence creating a humongus shortage in money for schools.  Stupid kids means more pliant slaves workers - or something like that......

School Districts will fail because of the Republican Plan to starve public education.  Then, in come the Emergency Financial Managers.

... and none of it had to happen.  Attacking the wellbeing of the poor and disabled is cowardly.  And, morally wrong.  Attacking the public education system in Michigan is immoral.

Creating major crises when none existed all in the name of REINVENTING Michigan is moronic.

Social Engineering, indeed.

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