Tuesday, July 26, 2011

11 Months

The move to Chapala is complete. There are only a few "housekeeping" items that I need to do -- such as changes of address. My house is just three blocks to the boardwalk along the lake and three blocks, more or less, to the central plaza. Perhaps, the only negative about this location is the proximity to "rocket central". I don't mind them. The cats have another opinion. And, when they come out of hiding you may ask them about those rockets.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

10 Months

Ten months ago I began submitting photographs and occasionally sharing my blog postings on Facebook.  FarmVille was responsible for most, if not nearly all of my Facebook activity.  It was great therapy or distraction for someone mourning.  This evening, I am going to reproduce (with one spelling correction) a posting made on Facebook.

Here is what was on my mind:

I returned to my FarmVille estate today and found that nothing had changed. It was the result of having the miracle of an unwithering potion and a number of facebook FarmVille friends. Thanks.
The truth is -- I found another means of losing myself and avoiding the ever flowing tears and pain. The end of May was my 9th month of escaping to the farm. It was good. But, it seems that after 9 months of anything (read school) I have to change gears, distract myself in other ways, and rest.
And, I did. I almost immediately was seduced and hooked on Civilization V. My friends will tell you that I missed many of our breakfast dates due to all night conquests and battles. June was lost to the game, chronic insomnia, and, on occasion, too much sleep.
June was my tenth month and the hardest. We would have shared our 22nd anniversary.
My world has gotta change. It begins with a fresh start in the village of Chapala. The cost of living there is less -- greatly so because there are fewer gringos, canucks, and Europeans. Much Much fewer. My Spanish must improve now more than ever. I accept the challenge with delight.
I'm making plans. There are things I want to do. And, a promise to fulfill for Billy.
Healing comes with time. And, it is astoundingly augmented with the presence of good, caring, and peerlessly patient friends.

Fat Chance

From an editorial by the Times Herald in Port Huron:

"....ending the health care perk for the majority of Michigan's legislators is a needed reform Lansing should enact. The trouble is there is no guarantee the legislation will become law. 
This isn't the first time House members have passed a bill to eliminate the benefit. Two similar bills were previously passed, but they never received enough support from the Senate.
The legislation's passage this time ought to be a foregone conclusion. After all, the Legislature has pursued a fairly aggressive agenda of spending cuts.
Shared sacrifice has become a mantra legislators used to defend efforts to require public employees to pay 20% of their health insurance costs. To allow their lavish perk to remain would be the height of hypocrisy.
Michigan can't afford the lawmakers' health care benefit. The Legislature has no choice but to do away with it."

It is never going to happen.  Republicans in Michigan have proven to be mean spirited hypocrites.  Shared sacrifice is a joke.