Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fat Chance

From an editorial by the Times Herald in Port Huron:

"....ending the health care perk for the majority of Michigan's legislators is a needed reform Lansing should enact. The trouble is there is no guarantee the legislation will become law. 
This isn't the first time House members have passed a bill to eliminate the benefit. Two similar bills were previously passed, but they never received enough support from the Senate.
The legislation's passage this time ought to be a foregone conclusion. After all, the Legislature has pursued a fairly aggressive agenda of spending cuts.
Shared sacrifice has become a mantra legislators used to defend efforts to require public employees to pay 20% of their health insurance costs. To allow their lavish perk to remain would be the height of hypocrisy.
Michigan can't afford the lawmakers' health care benefit. The Legislature has no choice but to do away with it."

It is never going to happen.  Republicans in Michigan have proven to be mean spirited hypocrites.  Shared sacrifice is a joke.

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